The Quantico Area Chapter of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association perpetuates friendships and associations formed by chapter members through their common experiences and interests in the Naval Academy and the Naval Services. It promotes fraternity among Naval Academy alumni and fosters interests of our country, the Naval Services, and the Naval Academy. Activities are focused on bonding members of all classes and all generations in a common tradition of service, citizenship, fellowship, and mutual support.

Message from the President

On June 1, 2016, the Quantico Area Chapter (QAC) of the USNA Alumni Association started its fifth year of existence.  During the past four years we have developed a program of activities that provide something of value for everyone who is a member.  Our reputation as an active, vibrant chapter has been noticed not only by the leadership of the Alumni Association, but by the leadership of the Academy, as well.  The Strategic Plan continues to be one of the ‘best practices’ of an engaged chapter.  That’s all good, and we intend to stay on the skyline, but that takes active participation by our membership.  In the end, it is the member’s chapter, so please provide feedback on what you think we can do to make the chapter even better.

I invite you to peruse the website for information that may be of use to you.  A synopsis of activities can be found under the Activities tab at Get Togethers, and I think you’ll find the list of speakers we’ve had is akin to our own local Forrestal Lectures.   Our recently amended bylaws are provided so you can see how we’re organized and how we are addressing an ever-changing environment.  We have a seat on the Board of Trustees and information on their proceedings is provided under the Trustees Note tab.  For members, we have the annual reports for the first four years, along with the treasurer’s report, so that you can see what we’ve been about.  And lastly, we are connected to Facebook where recent information and news can be seen as it is updated by Facebook users.

We hope that you will renew your annual membership, or become a new active member of an organization of great people who are drawn together by a common bond.  Though some may think we’re Marine centric (from the Chapter name), the truth is we have a mixture of Marine and Navy folks who participate.  Our most mature member is COL Herb Tiede USMC (Ret.) Class of ’53.  Our junior member right now is Mr. Ryan Steenberge, Class of ‘10.  No matter what the class, we truly do understand each other because of a common shared experience, and we have a good time just getting together in a relaxed atmosphere.  If you haven’t renewed or joined, please see the benefits of membership explanation below and (HERE IS WHERE WE PUT THE CURRENT METHOD OF PAYMENT).

To be successful, we need you to participate.  I know we’re all very busy people, but you’ve all shown over the years that you can handle lots of things simultaneously.   I think that you will find the Chapter to be a great place to spend a couple of hours networking, reminiscing, and learning about today’s Navy and Marine Corps, and about the Academy, along with other interesting topics addressed by a variety of speakers.

My goals for this year:

  • Continue the speaker series
  • Grow the Chapter regular membership
  • Obtain two seats on Congressman Wittman’s Academy Candidates Evaluation Board
  • Continue to update the accuracy of email addresses found in the USNA Alumni  database
  • Rehost and update the Chapter website
  • Renew the drive for new nametags
  • Develop a Chapter logo
  • Identify and submit the name of a nominee for a Distinguished Graduate Award
  • Re-engage and encourage support of our Four Pillars of our Chapter Strategy

Geoff Pomroy ‘69, President

Benefits of Chapter Membership

The Quantico Area USNAAA Chapter (your Chapter), like most organizations, needs funding to operate. We realize you have many demands on your resources and requests for donations for worthy causes. So, we have tried to structure our requests using a combination of low annual dues and social events that are pay-as-you-go. The dues pay for operating expenses, such as donations to the Semper Fi fund in the name of our speakers, costs for events that aren’t covered in payment received for the event (such as covering costs of breakfasts when the number of attendees is less than the estimated amount provided prior to the event), donations for members who have passed away, establishing tax-free status with the IRS, etc.

The USNA Alumni Association and Foundation (The National Association) requires 25 dues paying members who are also members of the National Association in order to have a charter. Accordingly, the Quantico Area Chapter asks members for a $25 (or $20 if paying via PayPal) annual fee to be used as described in the preceding paragraph. Of course, we encourage our members to also join the National Association if not already members.

Your Chapter is careful to manage your funds wisely. As required in the bylaws, the Chapter produces an annual report that includes financial statement reporting, financial position and the results of operations. Periodic independent audits are also conducted  per the bylaws.

Your Chapter is inclusive of anyone supporting the Academy and its mission. Alumni, spouses, parents of Midshipmen, and others interested in the Academy and its mission are welcome to participate in its activities. Naturally, we encourage membership and there are categories of membership to fit eligibility and interest. You don’t have to be a member to participate but we encourage you to make the commitment and help us build a strong foundation for service and social interaction to support you, the Academy, and the Brigade.  It is your Chapter and exists to further the interests of the membership.

What do you get with regular membership?

  • A tax-exempt donation for your dues and other, eligible donations.
  • Voting rights for matters affecting the Chapter as outlined in the bylaws.
  • Support for Blue and Gold by helping deserving young people attend STEM camps and generate an interest in applying to USNA.
  • A say in what happens in the Chapter and ways to improve it.
  • Opportunity to run for office within the Chapter governing Council.
  • Camaraderie (when old tales are embellished and retold).
  • Interaction with other alumni from many different classes and great networking opportunities.
  • Access to various speakers who address real-world naval issues, the current status of USNA, what’s on the horizon, and information of value in the working world.
  • Membership in the 15th largest USNA alumni chapter (out of just over 100 chapters).

To join, contact our Treasurer, listed under the Contacts tab.


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